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Motownwas a remarkable African-American success story. The Detroit-based indie recordlabel lent its name to a whole genre of ‘60s soul music and dominated the popcharts for years. Owner Berry Gordy ran his label like an old-ti.. more

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We talked with Marlon about his latest film, a pilot he is working on for NBC loosely based on his life and his stand up show Sunday, April 24 at the Pabst Theater. more

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Merv Griffin’s ratings weren’t Johnny Carson level, but the 12-DVD collection, “The Merv Griffin Show: 1962-1986,” reveals the show’s unscripted spontaneity, whether joshing with the stars (Lucille Ball) or getting serious (Martin Luther... more

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 RichardPryor was funny on CD, of course, but to fully experience the humor, you neededto see him in action. A new package called “No Pryor Restraint: Life in Concert,”is a lavish set in a hard cover with an extensive, illustrated bo.. more

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The two names that best explain money's unprecedented political influence in America are not Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but Montgomery Brewster and Ross Perot. The former duo, who will each raise nearly $1 billion for their presidential ... more

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Named for Adam West’s camp-tastic Batman dance, The Batusis unites two seminal punk figures: The New York Dolls’ Sylvain Sylvain and The Dead Boys’ Cheetah Chrome. Though the tempos rarely match those of their punk days, the group’ more

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Rhymesayers rapper Brother Ali does not make happy music. His records channel the rage he felt being taunted as a kid, ridiculed for his legal blindness and albinism, and the anger he feels toward his country, frustrations he explored more

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