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So many appalling actions aIt’s hard to imagine a worse nominee for secretary of Labor, but moments after Donald Trump realized Andrew Puzder couldn’t be confirmed his administration began floating the name of an even more absurd one: Scott... more

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To paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, modern Republican conservatives believe in doing whatever the people who have all our money, drunk or sober, sane or insane, want them to do today. more

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The irony of Gov. Scott Walker’s escalating war on his home state media is it’s the softest, friendliest, least critical press he’s likely to face from now on outside of those blithering fools at Fox. more

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It’s absolutely amazing how Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans can pretend Gogebic Taconite’s sudden announcement it was abandoning plans for a humongous open-pit iron mine is no big deal. That’s the $1.5 billion project that threatened to h... more

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As predicted, no hearts or minds were changed during themarathon debate over the right-to-work bill, which Gov. Scott Walker promisedto sign on Monday. It passed along party lines.There’s no economic justification for this bill, since theonly.. more

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The Republican-run Legislature is poised to pass and Gov. Scott Walker has promised to sign a fast-tracked bill that would turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state. The bill, which doesn’t have a legislative author attached to it, comes fr... more

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Madison-based bankruptcy attorney James C. Murray testified in support of a pending right-to-work bill in the Wisconsin Legislature, saying that the states with right to work have lower incomes and high rates of personal bankruptcy. more

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As Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker runs for the Republican presidential nomination, the national media are beginning to see that his low-key, nice guy demeanor masks a nasty streak. In the past week, Walker has flip-flopped and decided to suppo... more

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Lori Compas of the Wisconsin Business Alliance contacts local chambers of commerce in Republican districts to see if any want a right-to-work law, being pushed in the state Legislature by Republicans and the WMC. Compas could not find one l... more

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Wisconsin Eye has all of the gorydetails on Senate Bill 44, the right to work proposal crafted by ALEC. ASenate committee will hear testimony until 7 p.m., no matter how many peoplewant to speak into the evening. Howmuch do you want to bet.. more

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So we find out today that the Republicans are going tofast-track right-to-work legislation to lower wages in Wisconsin.The interesting thing is that ScottWalker says he’ll sign it.Which is not what he’s said previously. He’s pretended tobe .. more

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Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin has tried to grow its economy by lowering wages, slashing public investment, weakening public schools and not taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act. This is in contrast to states that have strengthened th... more

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Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans are trying to turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state even though they didn’t campaign on this issue in the 2014 election. more

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We’ve known for a long time Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s re-election may very well be determined by how successfully he can explain away the complete disaster he has made of more

Taking Liberties

So, is it possible there’s a new, improved, more moderate Gov. Scott Walker who’d like to teach Wisconsin to sing in perfect harmony and wants to buy the world a Coke? more

Taking Liberties

Last week, a snippet of the documentary As Goes Janesville was released that showed the newly elected Gov. Scott Walker chatting with billionaire Diane Hendricks, owner of ABC Supply in Beloit. Hendricks eagerly asked Walker... more

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<p>A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of hanging out with environmental reporters from Milwaukee, Michigan, Iowa, Vermont and Montana. <br /><br />Talk, naturally, turned to Scott Walker.<br /><br />I said the same thing I always do when I try to .. more

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Alas, poor Bertram (Matt Schwader). Sent to make his way in the court of France’s king (Jonathan Smoots) by his widowed mother, the Countess of Rossillion (Tracy Michelle Arnold), young Bertram thinks this is his way to escape the clutches ... more


While many of the stand-up comedians who rose to fame during the ’80s have faded into obscurity, Denis Leary has proved himself remarkably versatile. He parlayed his acerbic observational comedy into MTV stardom in the ’90s, then enjoyed a ... more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, don’t have much to offer you’s this week in way of an essay, sorry to say. I’m pressed for time and I got to take off in just a minute and head up over more

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