Rio West Cantina

At Milwaukee Beer Bistro the beer doesn’t just come in a pint glass, it comes on your plate. This relatively new restaurant in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood specializes in beer-infused cooking. Each dish is paired with a beer that will... Read more

Dining Preview

Thelegendary “99 Bottles of Beers on the Wall” is slowly being put together atnewly opened restaurant Milwaukee Beer Bistro, 2730 N. Humboldt Ave.Afterconverting Rio West Cantina into Milwaukee Beer Bistro, owner Russ Davis wantedto offer l.. Read more

Happening Now

It should be pointed out once more in case I hadn't already done so that there is a lot going on in Milwaukee at the end of April. Theatres are closing out their season and there really is quite a lot opening. One of the shows I will NOT be makin.. Read more


Promoters Kelsey Kaufmann and Sean Heiser created Riverwest Fest, a two-day “punk crawl” across Riverwest, in 2010 as a fundraiser to save the all-ages basement music venue, The Eagle’s Nest. In that respect it didn’t Read more

Local Music

The Vecchio Entertainment Group, owned by local entrepreneur Russ Davis, offers the city a series of diverse locations and dining options. The group's ventures include Hubbard Park Lodge (Friday fish fries and Sunday brunch), Lakefront Bre... Read more

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The latest company to wear the temporary title of “Milwaukee’s last theater group,” BITE Theatre introduces itself this week by premiering a programs of shorts written by playwright Robert Lawrence. The program—titled Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Want to include the kids in your New Year's Eve celebration? From5-8pm, there will be a private room with pinatas, games, party favors,and prizes. Enjoy the children's and adult special dinner buffet. At7pm there will be a New Years Count D... Read more

Happening Now

Barack Obama has become the John F. Kennedy of our time. After two terms under Bush and the muddle of the Clinton years, Obama radiates youthful, sunny optimism and intelligence coupled with candor. He speaks in the language of hope and embodies.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The Riverwestneighborhood continues to show signs of revitalization. The mostnoticeable The Land Remembers. ,Dining Out Read more

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The manresponsible for giving Milwaukee the popular Riverwalk Boat Tours,Mondo Brothers, Located at 2730N. Humboldt Blvd. (414) 562-5540. Kitchen is open Monday throughSaturday ,Eat/Drink Read more

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