Triple 9 boasts a good cast of actors, all of them handling their roles well, but director John Hillcoat was unable to rise to the high bar he set with The Road, instead succumbing to the increasingly tawdry, blood-soaked conventions of the... Read more

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Del Hall recorded history being made in the 1960s and ’70s. As Tulane University’s Richard Campanella recounts in The Photojournalism of Del Hall, the photographer-camera man was on hand for the emergence of the civil rights movement in his... Read more


The book was better, but in his best moments, director Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries) evokes the birth of the Beats as a quest for experience through literature and liquor (and other drugs), in sex and wild flights of jazz, and the ... Read more

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Sometimes a record’s title tells you almost everything you need to know. Bourbon & Flowers, the new EP from Milwaukee’s Rectifier, mixes boozy Read more

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Macklemore, the formerly underground rapper who shot to the top of the charts and frat-house playlists alike with his inescapable novelty hit "Thrift Shop," will play a free show at the Turner Hall Ballroom Sunday, May 12 with his producing partne.. Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed state budget could provide the death knell for public transit systems across the state. Read more

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Drawing from his brief service in the Merchant Marines, Jack Kerouac wrote The Sea Is My Brother in the 1940s. Discovered recently among his papers, Kerouac's long-lost first novel has finally been brought to print by Da Capo Press... Read more


The adaptation by director JohnHillcoat and screenwriter Joe Penhall hews close to McCart The Road ,Film Read more

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Rarely does a major art exhibition invite viewers to “please touch” the items on display. But accessibility plays a significant role in the recently opened exhibit titled “Green Furniture Design” at the Milwaukee Art Museum. This t Read more

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Friday night the Badger men's hockey team got royally screwed by the refs in Denver. The team was there playing the Denver University Pioneers - the #2 team in the country. Despite being down the whole game, Badger Matt Ford scores at .. Read more

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It is a wonderful life, especially working in travel. Both of us hit the road regularly an chiquangue ,Traveling Shepherd Read more

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While driving yesterday morning I heard FM 102.1, Milwaukee's alternative rock station, play three Smashing Pumpkins songs in a row. Several hours later, in the early afternoon, I turned on the station again and caught another three Pumpkins songs.. Read more

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So why hasn`t Milwaukee gone smoke-free? As Milwaukee undergoes a "renaissance," as Mayo God Grew Tired of Us ,Cover Story Read more

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