Robert Crane

<p> If anyone was born for Hollywood, it was Tom Mankiewicz. His father was the illustrious writer and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz (<em>All About Eve</em>, <em>Guys and Dolls</em>) and his uncle Herman wrote the most acclaimed Hollywood film ev.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

<p> Jack Nicholson became notorious for his reluctance to be interviewed, but in 1971, as his star was rising after <em>Easy Rider</em>, <em>Five Easy Pieces </em>and <em>Carnal Knowledge</em>, he sat for a pair of interviews with a couple of unk.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

As the stigma begins to lift on older women dating younger men, traditional gender roles start to shift as well. Hansberry-Sands Theatre Company explores some of the implications in its production of Celeste Bedford Walker’s Sassy Mamas. Th... Read more


The MacDowell Club ofMilwaukee hosts an annual Young Composer Competition to showcase and The Call of the Land ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

Classical Music

Dane Cook is one of the most popular men in comedy and, perhaps not coincidentally, also one of the most hated. Critics loathe his unpretentious, every-guy observations, and his fellow comedians shun him with a distain once reserved only fo... Read more

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