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Several documentaries have just been released on DVD or Blu-ray, including Kansas vs. Darwin, Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary, I Am the Blues and Alive and Kicking. more

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Pete’s Dragon is a charming tale whose best moments concern the touching relations between a boy and a great furry creature unrecognized by zoologists. more

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Based on Mary Mapes’ memoir, Truth and Duty, Truth tells the story of the Killian documents from her side. Robert Redford gives a solid supporting performance as Rather, but the star, Cate Blanchett, is marvelous as the hard-driving reporte... more

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The sequels keep coming in the Marvel Comics universe; the superheroes get little time off between saving the world; and the supervillains—you’ve got to hand it to them—work just as hard as the heroes more

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 All is Lost isvirtually wordless, aside from a forlorn introductory monologue and ananguished “Fuck!” Robert Redford plays a man alone on the Indian Ocean, hissailboat gradually sinking after colliding with a floating me.. more

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The Great Gatsby is among the greatest of great American novels, but Hollywood has had a hard time transferring the story to the screen. The first try, a 1926 silent, is listed as lost. The 1949 Gatsby with Alan Ladd and Shelley more

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Jim Grant (Robert Redford) is a successful activist attorney who drives his daughter to her suburban grade school in a Volvo station wagon. But the secrets he’s concealed for decades begin to surface when the FBI finally busts more

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<p> “The Untouchables,” the popular series that ran from 1959-63, traded on the idea (once prevalent in pop culture) that federal agents represented an incorruptible (and irresistible) force. Set in Chicago during Prohibition, “The Untouchables” .. more

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<p> The inspiration for Robert Redford\'s character in <em>The Horse Whisperer</em> is the subject of a documentary that&mdash;is this a surprise?&mdash;won the Audience Award at Sundance 2011. <em>Buck</em>, the story of Buck Brannaman, passed .. more

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9/11 wasn't the first time in American history that a shocking act of terrorism was followed by military tribunals and high officials rating national security over the Bill of Rights. That's the not-so-subtle message of The Conspirator, dir... more

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Local filmmaker Sean Kafer is having a good year. After traveling down the Mississippi River on a raft he made with friends last year to film his thesis, he’s been hard at work ever since—well, in the film world that is. His film Kids in Tr... more

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Like the Old Crow Medicine Show and Hank Williams III before them, Milwaukee’s High Lonesome brings an “the older the better” mentality to country and bluegrass, reviving the strident sounds of early Americana without playing more

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At50, and roughly a decade after his last concert, he hadn't lost any of his nighmagical almost ,Film more

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Milwaukee’s The Warped Cast has given the midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show-styled shadow cast treatment to cult movies like Clue and Little Shop of Horrors, but tonight they take on their most ambitious project yet: a live re-,Today in Mi... more

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  Love hurts in Marquez’s novel. It can injure the lover and the beloved. Love in the Time of Cholera ,Film clips more

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