Roberta Grossman

 In themiddle of a bar mitzvah or a wedding reception, as the mood sags and guestsbegin to contemplate making their excuses, the band strikes up a familiarmelody. Suddenly the dance floor fills with partygoers doing the circ.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

It sounds like a Hollywood movie: During World War II, a young Jewish woman on a kibbutz joins the RAF and leaves Palestine on a secret mission into Nazi-occupied Europe. For the British, it’s an opportunity to make mischief for the Germans and .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

On her second album, Jen Gloeckner digresses occasionally into the elastic whiplash chords of rock, or slips into a harsh-tongued vocal emulation of Americana. Mostly, Mouth of Mars is a layered, largely acoustic sequence of soundscapes inv... Read more

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