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President Donald Trump broke ground on Foxconn’s new manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant Thursday. Simultaneously, protesters called for transparency and honesty concerning the state’s and village’s handling of the $10 billion factory. more

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In politics, it’s easier to sell something that attracts lots of people than something few people want; this sums up the problems facing Democrats trying to find the right candidate to challenge Republican Gov. Scott Walker. more

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The Wisconsin GOP’s call for legislation to protect free speech on UW campuses is meant to discourage rather than protect minority voices. more

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Our transportation system desperately needs to be upgraded and in some cases completely rebuilt, but the Republicans in Madison who totally control state government do not want to pay for it. more

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The Shepherd has long advocated for a sensible, compassionate drug policy that includes legal medical marijuana for those seeking relief from a serious medical or behavioral health condition. more

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“I think there are a lot of people who understand how democracy was distorted,” said state Rep. Fred Kessler, a national expert on redistricting. more

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Gov. Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans were determined to do something to put a stop to this wildly out-of-control voting by Democrats. more

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Don’t be surprised when you go to the polls on Nov. 8. more

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Democrat Andy Mitchell is running against Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to represent the 63rd Assembly District. Here are Mitchell's answers to the Shepherd's candidate questionnaire.Your current occupation, education and career andpersonal inform.. more

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The financial corruption of Gov. Scott Walker’s office, the State Legislature and the Wisconsin Supreme Court are clearly outlined in the documents The Guardian published. more

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Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha), a Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation board member since its inception, says the agency’s problems are rooted WEDC’s structure as a public-private or quasi-governmental entity. more

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Looks like the final weeks of the Legislature’s last floor period of 2015 will be dominated by bills that boost the Republicans’ hold on power and money—and open the door to more corruption in office. more

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Through open records requests, the Center for Media and Democracy found that despite his denials Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) continued his quest to shield legislators from the public’s prying eyes and conceal their secrets afte... more

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On top of massive funding cuts and threats to the University of Wisconsin’s mission, Republican lawmakers are finding another way to attack the state’s higher education system: by weakening tenure for faculty. Republicans like Assembly Spea... more

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Republicans picked a fight they didn’t need when some decided to repeal the state’s prevailing wage law. The law, which sets a minimum wage for workers on large public construction projects, ensures that all workers on these projects are be... more

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A Wisconsin Assembly school accountability bill has nothing to do with raising student performance or making schools more transparent or accountable. It would allow voucher and charter schools to take a different student performance test an... more

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Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said his decision about using public money for a new sports arena for the Milwaukee Bucks was more difficult because new co-owner Marc Lasry met with President Obama and held fundraisers for him. more

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It really shouldn’t be necessary to say this in a democracy, but Republicans drunk on power seem to have forgotten. So here goes. It is still legal to be a Democrat in the state of Wisconsin more

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Seems like it was anopen secret among state Republicans that state Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha)had a problem with women and alcohol. But they disregarded his bad, andpotentially criminal, behavior and elected him to leadership anyway. They’ve.. more

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Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011 with an ambitious agenda. He quickly “dropped the bomb” on the state with his public employee union-busting Act 10. He also said he’d make good on his promise to create more

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