Roller Derby

Photo Courtesy of Jib, Flickr CCThe Brewcity Bruisers, Milwaukee’s roller derby league, willopen their tenth season Saturday, Jan. 16. at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena.Saturday’s double-header is a matchup between Milwaukee’s.. more

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Buce Burna

In roller derby, Katie Bricco has discovered confidence that’s carried over to her unlikely day job. more

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Milwaukee’s official introduction to the sport of roller derby happened in 2005 when the Brew City Bruisers were founded. The all-woman league offered something new and exciting and was an instan,Sports more

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Rebecca Berkshire, executive chef of Balzac and Hi Hat, is better known to roller derby fans as Becky the Butcher. The heavily tattooed powerhouse has been skating with the league since day one as a member of the Shevil Knevils, one... more

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Perhaps no other band is as responsible for the proliferation of emo in its current form than Jimmy Eat World. Though the group began as a rough-edged emocore outfit in the mold of Sunny Day Real Estate, by its 2001 major-label more

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