Ron Johnson


Ron Johnson is the senior United States Senator for Wisconsin. He has been a member of the Senate since 2010. Prior to the Senate, Johnson was the CEO of PACUR, LLC, a polyester and plastics manufacturer.


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In a speech that lasted a bit over an hour and a half, Trump lied, bragged, insulted, and baffled. Here’s 10 of those moments. Read more

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With friends like Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, Ukraine doesn’t need any enemies. Read more

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Donald Trump isn’t going to make it easy for Republicans to ignore all the evidence and exonerate their party’s president in a Senate impeachment trial. Read more

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After the tragedy in El Paso, Texas, Trump’s hateful rhetoric continues to cause problems. Read more

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LULAC March 1


The protesters called on Sen. Ron Johnson to do more regarding the current crisis at the border. Read more

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Given his rightwing political partisanship in office, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel does not deserve to be reelected. Read more

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The latest development in Donald Trump’s total destruction of political beliefs within the Republican Party is his creation of a $12 billion, taxpayer-funded welfare program for farmers. Read more

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No one should take pleasure from all the people being hurt by the Trump Family and Friends Republican Tax Cuts, but there’s some poetic justice in the collateral damage that those tax cuts will wreak upon Donald Trump’s supporters in Wisconsin. Read more

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Ordinary taxpayers are hoping a few Republican heroes have the courage to stand up against a brazenly unfair tax plan that will eventually raise taxes on most Americans to pay for massive tax cuts for multimillion-dollar corporations and the ... Read more

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The NRA’s shell-shocked paralysis this past week in the wake of another mass shooting seems to have allowed a little common sense to infiltrate the gun control debate; we must act now to bring about sensible gun control reform. Read more

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Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s rightwing agenda includes destroying health care provisions for millions of Americans who are currently receiving affordable coverage through the ACA and Medicaid. Read more

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This past week, LGBTQs were repeatedly told that we are not equal or worthy. Read more


When you’re a Republican senator voting against flood assistance for millions of Americans adversely affected by catastrophic hurricanes, you have to be awfully glib to fabricate a plausible excuse, and when you’re the president intentional... Read more

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Sen. Ron Johnson opposes the Republican health care reform plan out of purely personal animosity to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and an attitude of cruelty toward the poorest members of the American public. Read more

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One of the most surprising Republican senators to pretend to take a stand, sort of, against the health care bill was Wisconsin’s Sen. Ron Johnson. Surprising, of course, since Johnson never bothered to do much of anything in Washington duri... Read more

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Trump’s biggest lie is his support for “Buy American." When all those shuttered factories don’t reopen and coal mining doesn’t flourish again like it did in the 19th century, will Trump’s bitter, forgotten, left-behind white voters losin... Read more

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Paul Masterson extols the importance of LGBT votes in the upcoming election. Read more


Don’t be surprised when you go to the polls on Nov. 8. Read more

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Being a politician is no kind of job for someone like Sen. Ron Johnson, who doesn’t want government to accomplish anything for the good of its citizens. Read more

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