Ron Scot Fry

A conversation about the growing interest in CBD products and the possibility of legalization of medical marijuana in Wisconsin, along with interviews with the founders of Optimist Theatre and founding members of the new 53212 Presents theater group. Read more

Radio Shepherd Express

Last weekend, Theatre Gigante staged a one-weekend-only production of a dance theater adaptation of Kafka’s classic Metamorphosis. Read more


This summer’s free, outdoor Shakespeare offering from Optimist Theatre is the lighthearted and cathartic Much Ado About Nothing, wherein the classy and public-minded company invites audiences on a romp in the realm of lords and ladies. Read more


Live theater can be perfectly happy to tell a nice, little story with a beginning, middle and end. Every now and then, it decides to do something else. Every now and then, theater gets really, really direct. Theatre Gigante’s The Way Things Go is .. Read more


Theatre Gigante stages a delightfully fun and funny political satire this month with Mark Anderson’s Quorum. Read more


Theatre Gigante revive’s Mark Anderson’s Quorum, originally written for Theatre X and premiered in 1993 in the aftermath of the Clinton-Bush race of ’92. Show runs Oct. 7-15 at Plymouth Church. Read more

A&E Feature

Optimist Theatre performs A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Kadish Park. Read more


An interview with Ron Scot Fry of Milwaukee’s annual Shakespeare in the Park. Read more

Off the Cuff


Courtesy of Milwaukee Public Theatre

Milwaukee Public Theatre continues in its ongoing program of producing theatre for all people with a stage adaptation of traditional aboriginal stories from the last cultures to inhabit this area of the continent.Directed by Ron Scot Fry (of Opt.. Read more


If Die Walküre weren't the centerpiece of Wagner's great four-part cycle, “The Ring of the Nibelung,” it would still hold its own. One of the world's great operas, Die Walküre is unsurpassed for the lyrical tenderness imbedde Read more

A&E Feature

Leroy Airmaster always towered over most of the competition. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, when second- and third-rate blues imitators proliferated in the heartland, the Milwaukee band had the edge in musicianship and empathy for the music. Re... Read more

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