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The Oscar-winning 'Argo' wasn’t the first screen production loosely based on true stories about rescuing Americans left in the chaos when the Shah fell. This 1986 mini-series, 'On the Wings of Eagles,' portrays Ross Perot (Richard Crenna) a... Read more

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The two names that best explain money's unprecedented political influence in America are not Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but Montgomery Brewster and Ross Perot. The former duo, who will each raise nearly $1 billion for their presidential ... Read more

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As the performing arts season enters its final few months, summer-based theatre companies begin to announce their schedules for upcoming shows. The Marcus Center recently announced its upcoming 3-show Vogel Hall Series. Not fitting into a particul.. Read more


Despite all the feigned out-rage fanned by the main stream media and the right-wing noisemakers, Wesley Clarkretired four star general, former supreme commander of NATO, wounded and highly decorated veteran of ground combat in Vietnam and a mil... Read more

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