Sometimes this team just makes no sense to me.... Russell Branyan was sent to the DL and Laynce Nix was called up today.Apparently The Muscle has the same injury as Braun does. Of course,we're not making a decision about Braun and the .. Read more

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In recentyears, DJ Aaron Wade’s “Late Night Hype Show,” 91.7 WMSE&rsquo At-lat-l.” ,Local Music Read more

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In a move that surprised everyone, including Claudio Vargas, the Brewers released him today. No one's quite sure why we released him as opposed to trading him. Even if we traded him for a prospect, we could have "controlled" where he went and kept.. Read more

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With Wisconsin’s high-profile primary now less than a week away, expect to see polit Pierrot le fou ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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