Rouben Mamoulian

It was meant as the non-arena show: Earlier this year, Morrissey chose to play the intimate, 1,800-seat auditorium of Hollywood High School after selling out the Staples Center the night before. Most of 25 Live was shot at the smaller venue... more

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The 1935 New York premiere of Porgy and Bess was an epochal event in American musical theater. With music by George Gershwin and a libretto developed by brother Ira Gershwin from DuBose Heyward’s novel and stage more

A&E Feature

<p> Copying is nothing new in Hollywood. The popularity of Paramount's screwball grifters comedy, <em>The Lady Eve</em> (1941), prompted 20th Century Fox to rush its own screwball grifters comedy into production, <em>Rings on Her Fingers</em> (1.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Joao Pedro Rodrigues’ 2008 melodrama To Die Like a Man introduces one of the most tragic drag queens ever caught on film: Tonia, a veteran performer who is growing too old for her job and is being poisoned by leaking breast implants. Compou... more

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