While retailers left the Midtown Center, grocery store giant Kroger has chosen to to double down by investing in the Midtown neighborhood. Read more

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Off the Cuff with Chris Capper, executive director of Just One More Ministry, a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to recovering food from food suppliers, restaurants and caterers with the intention of repackaging it for those in need. Read more

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I want to express my gratitude to the many thousands of Shepherd Express readers/Roundy's shoppers who took the time and made the effort to call Roundy's and let them know that they appreciate the opportunity to pick up their Shepherd Expr... Read more

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The Shepherd Express would like to thank the well over 1,000 readers who took the time to contact Roundy's and ask that the Shepherd Express continue to be available in all Roundy's stores. The Shepherd Express would also like to thank Roun... Read more

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First of all, we want to be very clear that we feel that we have always had a good relationship with Roundy's. We thoroughly respected Roundy's decision to move their corporate headquarters to Downtown Milwaukee, as well as “Chairman Bob... Read more

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More than 192,700 of our 260,000 Shepherd Express readers do some of their grocery shopping at a Roundy's Pick 'n Save or Metro Market, according to Media Audit, and many of you have conveniently picked up your Shepherd Express during your.... Read more

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