Rudolph Valentino

The Sheik (1921) became Rudolph Valentino’s most memorable movie, trading on lacquered Orientalism and a vision of dangerous male sexuality unbridled by civilization, western or otherwise. Box-office success led to the 1926 sequel, The Son ... Read more

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 Dressedin flowing Bedouin robes, Rudolph Valentino, the swarthy Italian star of silentHollywood, prepared to deflower the virginal English heroine of The Sheik (1921). Kansas City censors banned the film for its rape scene, yet the m.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

As always, Insane Clown Posse rapper Violent J lives up to his name on the latest ICP album, Bang! Pow! Boom! , which includes the song “To Catch a Predator,” a fantasy about Violent J luring pedophiles to his house so that he Read more

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The Oklahoma quartet Cross Canadian Ragweed cut their teeth on the road, touring relentlessly across the country and establishing a reputation as a fine act to drink to in the ’90s, when their reverence for artists like Gram Parsons earned ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee