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Our Founding Fathers always feared America falling into the hands of a totally unscrupulous president without any respect for democracy. Read more

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Republican presidents don’t like being told they’re breaking the law, especially when they are. Read more

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As Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker runs for the Republican presidential nomination, the national media are beginning to see that his low-key, nice guy demeanor masks a nasty streak. In the past week, Walker has flip-flopped and decided to suppo... Read more

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The Milwaukee Bucks hope to take down the New York Knicks like Rudy Giuliani in the Florid Private Fears in Public Places ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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NYT reports that Sheldon Adelson, casino mogul, is number three in wealth, behind Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. And, he isn't happy about it. Yes, he has $19 billion dollars but he wants to be #1. He gives generously to the Republican Party. Thin.. Read more

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That’show I view this year’s loss of Milwaukee’s only classical music r or, at least, we had. ,A&E Feature Read more

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