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Amid heavenly weather, The Pukes, Brain-Bats, Bad Grades, B Justice and Urban Waste delivered some invigoratingly loud music to the Bay View Bash. Read more

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If you don’t know about Dogfish Head Brewery...I’ll waithere. Go buy some beer, come back, drink it and continue reading. Ahh..ok,ready? Sam Calagione, President and Founder of Dogfish Head Brewery (DHB) islike many of us in the fact that he lo.. Read more



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On Thursday, Dec. 17, the Ex Fabula Spectacular event takes place at the Turner Hall Ballroom. It consists of an array of storytellers from widely different backgrounds vying to win over the audience with short, autobiographical stories, al... Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Bob Mould, Foster the People, Bay View Bash and more! Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee alt-rock quintet Before Tomorrow has learned from two musical cousins that are on better speaking terms than some might want to admit: grunge and metal. The group's five-song debut is at its best when the tunes start off softe... Read more

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  It’s been kind of a busy summer for debuts . . . come September, there will have been some half a dozen new shows making their first trip to the stage in and around Milwaukee. Next week’s Playdaters with Neil Haven sounds interesting. Last mo.. Read more


Luke Lavin's shop, Bull's Eye Records, is among the independent music stores that won't be celebrating Record Store Day this year. "I came to the decision to treat Record Store Day like Valentine's Day, as a made-up holiday that d.. Read more

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Remember records? Those 12- or 7-inch vinyl discs we used to spin at 33 or 45 rpms? They're back, and their popularity is increasing faster than the price of oil during a hurricane. According to Rich Menning, whose independe,A&E Feature Read more

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OnSaturday, April 19, independent record stores around the country will celebrateRecord 31/2Miles to the Center of Somewhere ,None Read more

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