Arrival, starring Amy Adams as a linguistics expert, concerns the abrupt appearance of 12 alien “shells” in widely scattered places around the world. It’s not a perfect film but it’s an interesting one, thoughtful on a subject that seldo... Read more

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Likemany of us, Ryan Jay was enchanted by The Wizard of Oz in childhood, back whenthe 1939 classic was an annual visitor on broadcast television. But for Jay,fascination inched close to obsession as he filled his room with toys, books,collecti.. Read more

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Wisconsinites were disappointed that they didn't get to see their beloved Packers play in the Superbowl, but they did get to see them perform... During a commercial spot for Pitch Perfect 2.  It'd have been preferable to see Clay Matthews feeding.. Read more

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With “16,000 songs to play,” as vocalist/bassist/keyboardist Geddy Lee proclaimed, newly enshrined Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Rush brought to Summerfest’s biggest stage Thursday night a bol,Concert Reviews Read more

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When asked what music has inspired her the most, Victoriah Banuelos, half of the sister-sister Milwaukee pop outfit Vic and Gab, answers readily: “Rush.” Victoriah isn't over the age of 35, and she isn't clueless about current indepe Read more

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When you’re the three guys in Rush—the same three guys who have been in Rush since 1974—you can call your current North American trek the “Time Machine Tour.” This “evening with Rush” will feature the band’s Read more

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In high school, I found myself acting in More Than Meets The Eye--  a dreary, dated stage comedy by the inexplicably prolific Vermont-based playwright Fred Carmichael. As I and several other high school students clattered through rehearsals of .. Read more


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Concert Reviews

How is Rush, a band comprised of three Canadians eachpushing 60 who have been making music together since 1974, still headlininglarge venues like the Marcus Amphitheater? The answer can be found in theprogressive-rock band’s rabid fan base (among... Read more

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