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Madison entrepreneur Steve Kokette aims to provide accurate information for consumers on truly green products. Read more

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Check out what Russ Klisch from Lakefront Brewery had to say to Alex and Jesus at Milw Firkin Craft Beer Fest. And for more from Russ, tap this link to our very first episode!,Tap Takeover Podcast Read more

Tap Takeover Podcast

Milwaukee Craft Brewery League—founded by Henry Schwartz, owner of MobCraft Beer—fosters economically sound ideas for local brewers such as combining orders to meet minimums and monthly Tap Takeovers. Read more


Lakefront Brewerypicked up a Good Food Award for thefourth straight year. This year’s winner is Growing Power Farmhouse Pale Ale, aBelgian-style beer made with organic barley and organic hops. The recipe was developed in coll.. Read more

Happening Now

Lakefront Brewery has been a mainstay of the Milwaukee beer scene since 1987. What began as a friendly home-brewing competition between brothers Jim and Russ Klisch has evolved into a well-established brand in the craft beer market. “Lakefr... Read more

Dining Preview

Each season arrives with its own specialty brews, from the light, crisp pilsners of summer to the heavy, robust stouts and double bocks of winter. Many of these seasonal offerings fall into familiar patterns—every beer drinker can expect th... Read more

Dining Preview