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Based on a true story, Boy Erased is an immersion into religious bigotry and conversion therapy, which are all too common in the U.S. nowadays. Read more

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Denmark was among the nations that dispatched troops to Afghanistan to subdue the Taliban. The Oscar-nominated A War tells a fog-of-battle story from a Danish perspective. The film is a compelling look at the chain of consequences that resu... Read more

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The popular Finnish game becomes a movie that explains how the Angry Birds become so angry and came to hate the green piggies. Read more

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Set in 1919, The Water Diviner follows Australian farmer and water diviner Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) as he travels to Turkey to locate and claim the remains of his three sons, all killed in World War I. Read more

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Indie outfit KACM Theatrical is lookingto stage the midwest premiere of Jay Jeff Jones’ The Lizard King.The biographical play about pop icon Jim Morrison is set in the final year ofhis life. The local production currently looking for funding on.. Read more


Russell Crowe appears as the biblical figure Noah, a family man ordered in his visions to build an ark able to withstand an apocalyptic flood. While all around Noah humanity has fallen into a depraved state, he and his wife (Jennifer Connel... Read more

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This Superman is an origin story that casts Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. We meet Superman as a youngster when his adopted Earth father, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner), advises Clark to keep his superpowers to himself Read more

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Russell Crowe towers over Broken City as the power-mad mayor of New York; Mark Wahlberg is capable as the hard-charging ex-cop-cum-PI he hires to Read more

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Although Broadway was once a consistent source of audience-tested material for Hollywood, in recent years the traffic has flowed the opposite way in the form of Lion King, Spider-Man and other blockbuster movies remodeled Read more

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John (Russell Crowe) and Lara (Elizabeth Banks) is an idyllic married couple in The Next ThreeDays. They have good jobs, a nice house, an adorable young son and an undiminished erotic interest in each other. Suddenly, the cops burst in as their b.. Read more

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Outlaws who spare the innocent in the pursuit of profit are mythologized as heroes, and outlaws from times when the law is bad are honored even more. The archetypal outlaw in the English-speaking world, Robin Hood, might never have existed,... Read more

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Jon Crosby, brainchild of the band VAST, wrote and recorded its debut Visual Audio Sensory Theater (an acronym for the band) by himself in the late 1990s. Later albums like 2000’s Music for People and 2004’s Nude, recorded,Today in Milwauke... Read more

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