Rx Bandits

Summeropens up on so many strange fringe-like stage performances. There’s anopportunity to go out and see a lot of interesting things. Child of deafadults/actress/spoken word artist Liysa Callsen is hosting a lip-synccompetition this coming Au.. Read more


As a player in the third-wave ska scene since the mid-1990s, it would be easy to label California's Rx Bandits as yet another ska punk band clinging to the genre's already well-established tropes. In reality, though, the group's records hav... Read more

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Spit out from the same southern California high school as ska mainstay Reel Big Fish, Rx Bandits began their career at a young age and under the name The Pharmaceutical Bandits. Orange County’s music scene fed the Rx Bandits’ growth Read more

Today in Milwaukee

If a band exists on- and off-again long enough, eventuallyit will splinter off into two b Foto: Modernity in Central Europe, 1918-1945 ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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