Our New Year's resolution was to make less Parks and Recreation "Treat yo self" references, but this one makes it hard: The Milwaukee label Gloss Records is having a 50% off clearance sale on everything in its online store all month, through Feb. .. Read more

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For 15 years, Ben’s Cycle has had two shops: one on the north side of Lincoln Avenue, one on the south. The north side became the Pro Shop with road and cyclocross bikes, and the south side had the recreation and commuter bikes, plus mountain bike.. Read more

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Local clothing store NEWD (Nothing Else Will Do) is now featuring a pretty insane sale.The store, located on 5425 W. Vliet St. in Wauwatosa, is offering huge savings on a ton of their inventory. Graphic tees are selling for as low as $2.50 and d.. Read more

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The differences between men and women are funny. I know this. Although, after a class in the psychology of men and women in the mid 1990s, I also know that the only real difference is physical and biological. Everything else is a product of social.. Read more


An iconic Wisconsin business is going out of business after 60 years. In a press release today, American TV & Appliance announced that it will begin liquidating its inventory with a going-out-of-business sale beginning Thursday, Feb. 20. The compa.. Read more

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It's not too often we get good news about the local jazz scene to report, but this week the scene breathed a rare sigh of relief when it was revealed that the Jazz Estate will be staying put. Co-owner Brian Sanders put the bar on the market last f.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops and conductor Marvin Hamlisch have compiled a program of popular hits of the 1950s, some of which they’ll perform with the retro rock group Sha-Na-Na. Expect a “Happy Days” reference or two. Read more

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Named after a town on the southern end of California gold country, Denver’s Oakhurst takes its cues from traditional bluegrass, and in their three-part harmonies, heady tempos and showy banjo and mandolin solos they demonstrate Read more

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Suggesting the proto-punk, two-chord jams of the Velvet Underground’s messy, earliest recordings, Detroit rockers Tyvek released a series of highly collectible, no-fidelity 7-inches, EPs and cassettes before cleaning up their Read more

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Minneapolis’ The Twilight Hours reunites members of one of that city’s most celebrated college-rock bands, Trip Shakespeare: singer-songwriter Matt Wilson and bassist John Munson, who also found success with the post-Trip Shakespeare Read more

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World dominance is ours! Or so said much of last week’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Team USA led in medals entering the final days, but with no Dreaded Red Empire to vanquish, so what? Our NHL guys beating Canada’s NHL guys is nice, bu... Read more

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It's the type of conundrum I like to see: Two tempting concerts in one night. Tonight, two killer acts, college-rock icon Morrissey and younger up-and-comers Los Campesinos!, headline conflicting concerts at 8 p.m., at the Rave and the Turner Hall.. Read more

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It's becoming hard to keep up with all the rumor and speculation on this team - the off-season's been busier than the season was!As I said a few days ago, the Texas Rangers are extremely interested in Mike Maddux and thus far the Brewers haven't g.. Read more

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It’s difficult to think of any movie better suited for the midnight circuit than Ar Army of Darkness ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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John Conyers,Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hav Talley’s Folly ,Letters Read more

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