The Baltimore Annex Theatre brings its particular take on the tale of Salome at month's end. A young touring ensemble, BAT has been touring around with its use of puppets, montage and various other elements to fill in the spaces around the acto.. more


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Album Reviews had a wonderful weekend. We could call it our Hightower event but, while Jim was the focus,we also co-sponsored a very successful conference on industrial "farms"and more than 150 attended. (You can see Jim's keynote speech at .. more

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Thirty years is a long time for any event and a 30th anniversary gives reason to pause and take stock. This year the Latin American Film Series marks its 30th birthday with 12 feature-length films from Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico.. more

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American society is accustomed to—and quite adept at ignoring—white boys singing of inner pain. Mostly we dismiss their angsty lyrics as hyperbole at best, bad poetry at worst, confident that although a few tortured singers may actually pull the .. more

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Playing Oscar trivial pursuit is probably more fun than watching the actual event live on TV. HollywoodWinners & Losers A to Z (published by Limelight Editions) is an almost up to date guidebook for Oscar trivia: actors department. The book went .. more

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Once ina great while someone comes along whose talent leaves you breathless.Swedish sopr Salome ,Classical Music/Dance more

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The Florentine Opera Company continues its production of Salome today with a 7:30 p.m. pe Salome ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The Florentine Opera Company continues its production of Salome tonight with a 7:30 produ Salome ,Today in Milwaukee more

Today in Milwaukee

Perhaps noother composer’s career fell so neatly into two distinct halves as thato Don Giovanni ,Classical Music/Dance more

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Richard Strauss’ Salome is one of the world's great operas, combiningthe last remna Salome ,A&E Feature more

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Based on an Oscar Wilde play, the Richard Strauss opera Salome was incredibly controversia Salome ,Today in Milwaukee more

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