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In the impeccably casted Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Frances McDormand gives a bravura performance as a mother seeking answers to the unsolved rape and murder of her daughter. more

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The reboot of 'Poltergeist,' co-written by Steven Spielberg (who also co-wrote the 1982 original), follows roughly the same storyline, but this version is filmed in 3D and tricked out with an array of special effects. more

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 The “way,way back” is the seat in the tail of a station wagon, facing opposite from thedriver and other passengers. It’s a good metaphore for Duncan, the awkwardadolescent protagonist of The Way, Way Back , a favorite at this .. more

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Summer vacation is the time when teens come of age: it’s a familiar theme in movies and for good reason. Teenagers often have life-altering summers, sometimes in the aftermath of high school graduation and more

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