Samantha Sostarich


Photo Credit: Ross Zentner

Laughter is a key ingredient to the success of this new production of one of America’s most endearing recent musicals. Read more



Written in a style that perfectly melds the fun and excitement of super hero comic books with the heightened artistry of opera, this piece truly is a great choice for all ages. Read more


Holiday Hell is a crazy comedy by Anthony Wood and Mondy Carter currently in production by In Tandem Theatre, with stage direction by Chris Flieller and musical direction by David Bonofiglio. Holiday Hell guarantees outrageous fun and a sli... Read more



Paul Ruffolo

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre opens its season with a cleverly energetic production of the 20th-century farce, Boeing Boeing. Read more


Shakespeare in the Park can be a very freeing experience. The stuffy confines of an indoor production can feel a little bit stiff reflected against audience expectations of High Art. Optimist Theatre’s current free outdoor production of A Midsum.. Read more


Sometimes you don't want to have to watch anything particularly deep. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy light, classy rock in a musical theater setting. This month, Skylight Music Theatre responds to that desire Read more


Mid-August sees students returning to the area’s many colleges and universities. That’s good news for art lovers, as these educational settings provide a fascinating cross-section of new and established artists in student and faculty exhibi... Read more

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