Same-Sex Marriage


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When the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015, didn’t it say the Constitution guaranteed everyone will be treated equally under the law regardless of sexual orientation? Read more

Taking Liberties

Paul Masterson reflects on the significance of Mother’s Day to the LGBT community. Read more


Ruthie answers a question from a reader anxious to find someone to marry by the end of 2017. Exciting upcoming events include no-cover New Year’s Eve parties at Black Sheep, Hyrid and D.I.X. as well as a alcohol free soirée at Galano’s Reco... Read more

Dear Ruthie

As we approach the second anniversary of marriage equality in Wisconsin, Paul Masterson explores the social impact of marriage, particularly as it relates to the childrearing outcomes of LGBT parents. Read more


OneWisconsin Now has done us all a huge service by digging up the college writingsof Rebecca Bradley, temporarily on the state Supreme Court and seeking a full 10-yearterm. Yesterday,OWN revealed that Bradley, then known as Rebecca Grassl, h.. Read more

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Paul Masterson’s 2015 year in review for LGBT rights and issues. Read more

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Let’s all take a moment to savor this morning’s historicSupreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage throughout the nation. It wasn’t too long ago that this seemed completelyimpossible. Think about the debates over Wisconsin’s horribl.. Read more

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The Republic of Ireland became the first country to recognize same sex marriage by popular vote and did so by a landslide. Read more

Hear Me Out

It’s the same in the LGBT community. Now, in the afterglow of Wisconsin’s marriage equality victory, and, with an election in the offing, we’re reminded of our own family secret: the gay Republican. Read more

Hear Me Out

Republican Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is stepping down at the end of his term, providing Wisconsin voters a rare opportunity to vote for two new candidates for this Read more

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I love to dress up. (Can you tell?) I mean, who doesn’t like putting on a jazzy outfit now and then? Whether you like to don a sequin gown or snazzy suit; a ten-gallon Read more

Hear Me Out

TheU.S.Supreme Court declined to hear any cases on same-sex marriage this term. Ohto be a fly on the wall when this decision was made.Thegood news? That leaves in place the lower court decision striking downWisconsin’s reprehensible con.. Read more

Happening Now

Last week’s unanimous decision by a three-judge federal appeals court declaring Wisconsin’s same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional was so strong that it could be one of the cases that makes it up to the U.S. Read more

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On Tuesday, Aug. 12, voters in the statewide Democratic primary will have a chance to select their candidate for attorney general, either Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, Dane Read more

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Marriage Equality Week in Wisconsin turned out to be an enormous success. Whenever we take an historic step toward our nation’s beautiful ideal of equality for all, we should always kick it off Read more

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Last week, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb made the right decision when she struck down Wisconsin’s hurtful ban on same-sex marriages. We applaud her common-sense decision, which Read more

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What do Wisconsin Republicans really believe? Be careful before you answer. The answer apparently can change as quickly as they can wipe clean their Magic Slate Read more

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Next Wednesday, March 12, the Wisconsin Chapter ofthe American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will hold its annual Bill of Rightscelebration.ACLU has been working hard on a number of projectsincluding, most prominently and recently, trying to str.. Read more

Happening Now

Drunken sailors, lovesick teenagers and right-wing politicians probably shouldn’t be allowed to get tattoos or pass constitutional amendments.What seems like a slick Read more

Taking Liberties