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Eurydice is an exception. Wood nymphs aren’t generally given a whole lot of attention in myth and legend. They tend to lie outside the center of the frame in so many stories. Her dad was Apollo, the god of light, but the oak nymph Eurydice is give.. more



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Home to American Players Theatre (APT) is a magical natural outdoor amphitheater on a hill in the middle of the woods that lies two hours from Milwaukee in Spring Green. APT is a repertory theater company of 37 years that pays tribute to Sh... more



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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s staging of Sarah Ruhl’s Dear Elizabeth explores that least understood and most necessary of human relationships: friendship. more


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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s Dear Elizabeth explores that least understood and most necessary of human relationships, friendship. Sarah Ruhl’s play, adapted from Words in Air: The Complete Corre,Theater more


Inspired by the book Words in Air: The Complete Correspondence Between Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, playwright Sarah Ruhl created an innovative piece that features some of the hundreds of letters shared between 20th-century American ... more



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Greta Grosch’s final installment of the Church Basement Ladies series, runs at Schauer Arts and Activities Center March 27-28. The Carroll Players present Sarah Ruhl’s Dead Man’s Cell Phone, March 27-28. Uprooted Theatre’s one-night-only pr... more



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Personally I don’t see the appeal of Sara Ruhl’s Eurydice. It’s a contemporary mutation of the story of a daughter of Apollo who became the wife of Orpheus. In principle it’s kind of a nice idea, but it lacks a whole lot of insight. To me it almos.. more


  A woman sitting on her own is irritated by persistently ringing phone of the stranger seated at a nearby table. She investigates to find that the stranger in question is dead. It's a really clever springboard for a play that Sarah Ruhl comple.. more


Last weekend, I went to the Oriental Theatre to see Hysteria, a movie that covers the same ground as Sarah Ruhl's In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) and Rachel Maines' book The Technology of Orgasm (read my comments on the Milwaukee... more

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Once we as audience members get past the initial shock and titillation of Sarah Ruhl's In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play), we see that the messages from its 19th-century setting remain timeless in 2012—the pursuit of love at its most i... more


I’ve never been terribly impressed with Sara Ruhl as a playwright. Whether it’s The Clean House or Eurydice or Dead Man’s Cell Phone, he work always comes across like a writing assignment. Find the topic, do the necessary research to write the s.. more


The Milwaukee Rep closes its Stiemke Studio season with a production of a historical comedy by popular contemporary playwright Sarah Ruhl, In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play)... more


  With the economy being such as it is, big donations from big individual donors are likely to be down as things progress into the next several years. Smaller companies continue to find funding with the people who buy tickets. Smaller productio.. more

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From the group that continues to re-invent New Years In Milwaukee, Newaukee presents MKE-NYE 2011 where they will celebrate midnight twice! There will be performances by: DJ Ma,Holiday Guide 2010 more

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Honor among politicians, like honor among thieves, is relative.Early in his professional life, the great investigative reporter Seymour Hersh served as a campaign aide to the late Sen. Eugene McCarthy, the anti-war presidential candidate wh... more

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Alongside his career as a dealer in used books andrecords, Corenthal built an eclectic ca Jewish Stories: The Goldberg Variations ,Books more

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The Milwaukee Brewers continue their three-game home series against the Houston Astros this evening at 6:05.,Today in Milwaukee more

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Singer/songwriter Sue DaBaco spent 15 years in Chicago’s competitive electric blues scene before fronting her own Milwaukee-area blues power trio, Wise Fools. The group nods to electric blues and psychedelic-rock pioneers like Stevie Ray V... more

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