Satellite Crepes

New York has become a symbol in ways that might not have been previously anticipated. The bewildering social difficulties in a “city that never sleeps,” have grown from a metropolitan condition to the condition of life in a modern world of .. more


The climactic conclusion of the original Planet of the Apes is hard to top, but that hasn\'t stopped Hollywood from trying. That head shot of the Statue of Liberty, rearing from the sands of time, triggered a series of sequels that milked the st.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The solar-powered Satellite Crepes cart can be spotted orbiting around the city of Milwaukee, stopping at lunch, dinner and bar time to serve the hungry hordes on the campuses of local universities, at community gatherings and outside crowd... more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

Canone object contain an object larger than itself? This isn’t a Buddhistkoan, but Satellite Crepes is the subject of a documentary on YouTube, and can be found on Facebook ,Eat/Drink more

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