Scardina Specialties

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Windowed cases stocked with Italian and other international sausages occupy the front of Scardina Specialties, 822 E. Chambers St. The shop’s take-out sandwich offerings fill the interior with enticing aromas. Wraps, paninis and other delig... Read more

Short Order

Peter and Maria Scardina recently opened Scardina Specialties (822 E. Chambers St.), a small deli in Riverwest. It is located in the building that was the original home of the Lakefront Brewery. Display cases are filled with a selection of... Read more

Dining Preview

Ed Wahhab, a successful graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering, ultimately found the restaurant business preferable to nuclear engineering. In 2007, he opened Sababa, a casual café that mainly catered to... Read more

Dining Preview