“How Dry I Am: Prohibition Milwaukee,” an examination of city life during the days of the war on alcohol, is currently on display at the Milwaukee County Historical Society. Read more

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Brunch with the Barons, a historical beer event, is comingto Milwaukee’s Forest Home Cemetery on Saturday, June 18.Forest Home Cemetery is the resting place for many ofMilwaukee’s beer barons. Brunch with the Barons brings their lives a.. Read more

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The Brown Bottle restaurant, reopening Nov. 17, has a long history, and theoperators of Schlitz Park plan on honoring that longevity as best they can.During renovations, keeping the historical feel of the space was of utmostimportance, and the .. Read more

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The Uptowner opened in 1884 as a Schlitz bar, dedicated to pouring beer from the brewery that made Milwaukee famous. During Prohibition it was a drugstore; suspicions are that “medicinal” alcohol was dispensed. One of Milwaukee’s longes... Read more

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So many seats and tables were set up the Turner Hall Ballroom floor Friday for the performance by The Preservation Hall Jazz Band that it prevented most attendees from doing what might have otherwi,Concert Reviews Read more

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“Life wasn’t watered down back then—neither was the beer,” says Schlitz’s current advertising campaign. Schlitz beer has seen a resurgence in the last decade by introducing a new—but old—classic 1960s beer formula... Read more

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Addicted to convenience and consumption, Americans gorged themselves on the prepackaged, shrink-wrapped products of the supermarket for several generations without giving much thought to the increasingly strange process by which food is produced. .. Read more

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Oftentimes, non-cable television seems like a throwback to the era of records and rotary phones. But Milwaukee Public Television (MPTV) sidesteps the time warp by staying relevant with progressive and diverse programming.In the 1950s Congre... Read more

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Itgoes without saying that Milwaukee has had a long, personal, at timestumultuous, relat Breweries of Wisconsin ,Milwaukee Color Read more

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