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Longtime Milwaukee Public Schools English teacher Geoffrey Carter will read from his novel that examines the assault on public education, The P.S. Wars, on Jan. 19 at Boswell Book Co. Read more


Proving its doubters wrong, the Milwaukee Public Schools’ latest report card makes it ineligible for a takeover under a Republican-backed law that would have allowed Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele to privatize at least one low-perfo... Read more

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The good news is that the latest attempt by white, suburban Republicans to wrest control of Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) from the racially diverse school board that was democratical,Taking Liberties Read more

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“We see this as an opportunity to bring some resources into the 35th Street site,” said MPS Superintendent Darienne Driver about the district’s alternative early education proposal for the Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program. Read more

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For the first time in its history, City of Milwaukee leaders must consider the financial impact of new charter schools on the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) when deciding whether to issue a charter to a new school. Read more

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North Point Lighthouse Charter School, chartered by the City of Milwaukee, will keep the state aid for the estimated 60 students who were released from the school in February, even though they won’t finish the school year there. Read more

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Apparently the real Chris Abele will come out after the spring election—if he’s re-elected Milwaukee County executive, that is. In a recent appearance caught on video, state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) says that Abele will work on ... Read more

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State Sen. Chris Larson’s underdog status doesn’t seem to bother him in his race to unseat Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele in the 2016 election. Read more

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There’s little that can be done at the local level to undo state legislation. But critics of the Republican-crafted state law authorizing Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele to take over and privatize Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) in hi... Read more

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Will Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele continue to pander to his Republican friends and work to privatize Milwaukee Public Schools, or will he act like a Democrat and look after the interests of regular working people in Milwaukee by e... Read more

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The new Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program (OSPP), which hands over public schools to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele for privatization, may be an anomaly in Wisconsin, but it’s part of a growing trend of so-called turnaroun... Read more

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The amendment creating the Opportunity Schools and Partnership Program will begin to privatize Milwaukee’s public schools under the guise of helping poor children, despite the fact that there is virtually no solid research that shows that t... Read more

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Tucked into the state budget and the Bucks arena deal are long-range plans to diminish the county board’s power specifically and Milwaukee County government generally. The victim, as usual, is clean government. Read more

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There are so many things wrong with a new plan from two suburban Republican legislators to change how Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) are run it’s difficult to know where to begin. Let’s start with the plan coming from Sen. Alberta Darling a... Read more

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Under a plan developed by suburban Republicans, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele would be empowered to appoint a commissioner who’d take over Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) that fail to meet expectations. The Opportunity Schools Partn... Read more

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State Sen. Alberta Darling and state Rep. Dale Kooyenga have proposed creating a turnaround district for Milwaukee that would convert failing MPS public schools into charter schools. But three experts from New Orleans—Kristen Buras, Karran ... Read more

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Four of ten of Milwaukee’s charter schools are failing and the program has little public transparency. Yet Republican lawmakers are promoting charter schools as a way to improve student performance while providing public accountability. Read more

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A Milwaukee Common Council committee voted Monday to oppose a bill authored by state Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) that would create a noncompetitive market for surplus Milwaukee Read more

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Paradoxes come in all different forms, but here's one that perfectly fits this Gilded Age: The most significant lesson from the ongoing debate about American education has little to do with schools,News Read more


The good news is that after giving everyone a big scare this past year, state Rep. Tamara Grigsby is in good health and “feeling wonderful.”The bad news is that Grigsby Read more

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