Off the Cuff interview with author and educator James K. Nelsen whose new book, Educating Milwaukee: How One City’s History of Segregation and Struggle Shaped Its Schools, examines Milwaukee’s legacy of segregation as it relates to the stat... Read more

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Two of the City of Milwaukee’s 10 charter schools will relinquish their contracts at the end of the academic year, and two additional struggling schools have faced enhanced scrutiny. Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker, futilely arguing against a recall attempt that has the support of a million Wisconsinites, has just offered up his latest TV ad, which, like his previous ads, is full of lies. In “Promises Kept,” Walker speaks directly... Read more

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A few paragraphs tucked into the massive state budget could have a radical impact on how schools, research institutions and rural hospitals access the Internet. Never debated publicly and slipped into an amendment in the final hours of the... Read more

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Farmers markets are in full swing, the Eat Local challenge is approaching, and the big push to get healthy food into school lunch programs is growing momentum. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn more about.. Read more

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Mark Honadel became the firstRepublican representative of the 21st Assembly District in 7 What’s your take? Write: or comment on this story online at www.ex ,News Features Read more

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Breaking from a decade’s worth of precedent, in recent years the Japanese metal gro Pink ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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