Good for the UWM Education Rights Campaign. Tonight, because of their sustained protest, UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago will participate in a forum to answer questions about the March 4 protest and arrests, the Master Plan and other hot t.. Read more

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Emilio de Torre from ACLU of Wisconsin is tweeting about a silent vigil at UWM. It’s peaceful, but police are parked nearby, Emilio says. Read more

Happening Now

Tom Luljak, spokesman for UWM, told me the following about today's protest: Sixteen people in custody, 15 will be charged, one student was arrested but it was determined that he wasn’t part of the protest and ultimately was released. They’ll .. Read more

Happening Now

Milwaukee-areanative Joe Holland is one busy in,Off the Cuff Read more

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The Milwaukee Public Museum followed up its popular “Body Worlds” exhibition with another high-profile exhibit that has broken records at museums around the world, “Titanic: The Artifact E,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Since 1977, the Milwaukee Ballet has performed a full-length version of The Nutcracker, a The Nutcracker ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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