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The Packers went into halftime against the Seahawks trailing 3-0, but that score in no way reflected the reality of what actually occurred. more

Green Bay Packers

Seattle has been a thorn in the side of the Packers since the beginning of the Russell Wilson era and the Fail Mary. If you were building the perfect anti-Packers, it would look a lot like the Seahawks. more

Green Bay Packers


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When the Packers lost Eddie Lacy and Davante Adams I thought the Seahawks would probably run away with the game. Green Bay was already shorthanded without Jordy Nelson, having lost Sam Barrington to I,Sports more

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Next week the Packers play the Seahawks in what is likely to be the biggest game of the weekend. While you can’t learn much from one week of football, it can tell you something about tendencies, and,Sports more

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Frank Clines and Art Kumbalek assess the Packers’ pre-season record and make their regular season predictions. more

A&E Feature

The Fairly Detached Observers talk about wheat the Green Bay Packers need to improve on for next year after their close loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Jan. 18. more

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To go by just the words, Richard Sherman didn't get his wish. “Don't you ever talk about me!” was part of his on-field tirade after making the play that put Seattle in the Super Bowl. But torrents of talk about Sherman have followed as t... more

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