Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig's contract was set to expire on December 31 of this year, but at the owner's meetings in Phoenix this week, he was extended to the end of 2014.This is actually the fourth extension Selig has signed. Ho.. more

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I was shocked earlier in the week reading the comments over at on the stories about the Bug Selig statue that was unveiled in front of Miller Park. I was shocked to learn of the vitriol that so many seem to carry for him. I was in h.. more

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This honored tradition began in 1976, with help from noted Wisconsin wildlife artist Owen Magpie Menace ,Art more

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Ken Rosenthal talked to Bud Selig and got some pretty straight answers. First and foremost IMO, Astros fans need to take a pill - Miller Park was the only option.Q: You have taken criticism for your decision to shift the Astros-Cubs series to Mil.. more

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Frustrated bylack of leadership at the national level, more states are turning toenergy What’s your take? Write: ,The New Economy more

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