Much like taxes, friction and gravity, Humor is a powerful force. Like any powerful force, humor can be used for good, evil or...profit. This month in Madison, local ambassador of funny Anthony Wood (best known locally for writing A Cudahy.. Read more


Men and women have been falling into line behind the sound of fifes, drums and bugles since time immemorial. Eventually, military marches became processionals as they migrated from battlefields to stages, cathedrals and boulevards. The musi... Read more

Classical Music

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has a scorcher on Rep. Paul Ryan, the alleged “intellectual” of the conservative movement. Krugman’s not the first one to notice that the GOP’s Young Gun is shooting blanks. But his.. Read more

Happening Now

As they do every year, hundreds of music lovers packed the Todd Wehr Conference Center for WMSE’s annual Music Rummage. This year the sale was so packed during thatduring peak hours buyers had to form make shift lines to access the LPs as somet.. Read more

On Music

The Democratic candidates are fighting hard for theWisconsin vote ahead of our state&rsqu Holy Ghosts ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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