Sergio Leone

The horseman at the heart of The Good, TheBad and The Ugly (1966) says little but casts a long shadow on the face of therocky desert. Sometimes the only sounds are absent-minded humming and thejangling of spurs—until a rifle s.. more

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 Fellini, Antonioni and Visconti were dominantItalians on the international art house circuit in the '60s and '70s, butItaly's thriving movie industry knocked out scores of films in more populistgenres. Spaghetti westerns, thanks to the.. more

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 ClintEastwood was still a whippersnapper when he debuted on “Rawhide” as RowdyYates. But, especially when the going got tough on the trail and he furrowedthose iron brows, the outline of the persona he revealed a few years later i.. more

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<p> The western was already slipping from the commanding heights it held over the world's imagination when <em>A Fistful of Dollars </em>startled moviegoers with a new vision of the Old West. The 1964 film by Sergio Leone stripped away the Norma.. more

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You'd never guess the film RED is adapted from a three-issue comic book published in 2003 and 2004, by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, even though a gaudy floral postcard introduces Miami, Washington DC, and Mobile Alabama. The slight story ... more

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A barely perceptible silhouette crawls forward on the trail, a slight shadow on the face of the rocky desert. The silhouette is a horseman at the onset of For A Few Dollars More and the only sounds are the absent-minded humming and jangling of th.. more

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Capitalizing on the success of the hit 2006 film adaptation, in November the 1981 Henry Krieger/Tom Eyen musical Dreamgirls, the story of a very Supremes-like 1960s girl group, launched its first national tour in almost 25 years. The film v... more

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Nationally, Rev is a presence on thegrowing circuit of ukulele clubs and festivals after Drop Baby Drop ,Local Music more

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The Drive-By Truckers show scheduled tonight at the Turner Hall Ballroom has been postponed because of band member Patterson Hood’s recent bout with pneumonia.,Today in Milwaukee more

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