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While The Offspring drew a bigger crowd upstairs, Shabazz Palaces mesmerized attendees Friday night at the Rave. Read more

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PrideFest and Jazz in the Park announce the official arrival of summer in Milwaukee. Read more

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I\'ll say this about last night\'s Shabazz Palaces performance at Mad Planet: I\'ve never experienced a rap show that made such a mockery of ear plugs before. The avant hip-hop duo\'s deep, blown-out bass was pushed punishingly high in the mix, an.. Read more

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<p> Sub Pop\'s speaker-denting avant hip-hop collective Shabazz Palaces will play Mad Planet on Wednesday, April 4, the local music blog Seizure Chicken <a href=\" Read more

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Near the conclusion of his four-star review of Tulpan, Roger Ebert acknowledges the difficulties of convincing American audiences to see a dramedy about shepherds in barren Kazakhstan. “You’ll enjoy it, not soon forget it, and you&rsquo,Tod... Read more

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