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Resistance to progress still a battle, yet nothing unmanageable. Read more

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Starring Jessie Usher and Samuel L. Jackson, the third installment of 'Shaft' touches on generational and racial issues. Read more

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In Chicago in1934, notorious mobster John Dillinger had just finished watching Manhattan Melodrama, an archetypal New York crime movie, before being gunned down by FBI agents near the Biograph Theater. Since then, many fine vintage films ab... Read more

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Isaac Hayes died today at age 65. His death is particularly shocking because, though he’d suffered a stroke last year, physically Hayes was just about as fit as ever: trim, muscular, and fittingly, given the nature of his music, seemingly virile. .. Read more

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During the Middle Ages, Western Europe was a backwater. In When Asia Was the World, Univer When Asia Was the World, ,Books Read more