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Brittany Curran plays an engaging romantic hero in J.J. Gatesman’s drama, presented by Milwaukee Entertainment Group. Read more



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In 'The Endurance of Light,' miscarriage is tackled head on with emotion tempered by comic relief. Read more


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Traveling Lemur Productions

Leslye Headland’s dark contemporary comedy Bachelorette doesn’t deserve the cast that Theater RED has assembled for it. The comedy about a group of people meeting on the evening before a wedding is not without its tender intricacy and inti.. Read more


Ben Parman’s Starlings is a production that everyone—no matter skin color, religious beliefs or sexual preferences—should experience. Parman’s writing is intelligent and deeply moving, comedic and inspiring, fast-paced and intimate. The sho... Read more


Alchemist Theatre’s The Scene You Need is structured as a series of moments that hop and skip from one place to another. The settings range from a Veterans Services office to a nearly empty porn theater to the incomparable Studio 54. The sc... Read more


Alchemist Theatre’s The King of Pop plunges audiences into the aluminum foil-lined world of Andy Warhol’s “The Factory.” Read more



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Alchemist Theatre explores an interpretation of the life of Andy Warhol in The King of Pop. The comedic drama explores Warhol from the dawn of The Factory through to the end of its prominence in a remarkably tight, little presentation that include.. Read more

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Alchemist Theatre opens its New York Stories Trilogy with a drama about grifters in from the dawn of punk. Read more



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“ In 2008, one year after opening, The Alchemist was voted best theatre in Milwaukee. We’re reapplying for the job. Read more


A great restaurant becomes special when it provides the ideal setting for a variety of occasions—a romantic date, a casual get-together with friends, a fancy night out or a celebration with family. At Sala da Pranzo, that variety continues ... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

Another Sunday, another split decision by the Observers. While Frank followed his "baseball rules" rule to attend the Brewers' home finale, Artie hunkered down in his version of NFL Central, sticking pins in his Brett Favre voodoo bobblehea... Read more

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Slick, touring Broadway productions of Jonathan Larson’s hit ’90s musical Rent often lack the heart, soul and passion that drive the story, but the Skylight Opera Theatre’s production, which runs through June 20, promises both Read more

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