Sharking Hour

We'll opine about anything on The Disclaimer—WMSE's weekly panel with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record editor Matt Wild and I—and this week we set out to prove it. As part of WMSE's Spring Membership Drive, we spend an entire show dishing out rap.. Read more

On Music

Some time ago I had the distinct pleasure of talking to John McGivern, Christopher Tarjan and David Cecsarini about a production of Irma Vep that they were working on. It’s an extremely weird horror comedy involving vampires, werewolves and two .. Read more


The earnest and skittish Milwaukee band Sharking Hour smoothes out some of its idiosyncrasies on its sophomore album, Telemetry. Instead of the eclectic alt-indie pastiche of Sharking Hour’s previous CD, North of Nippon, this time they less... Read more

Album Reviews

The Milwaukee band once known as Art Is for Amateurs continues its grow-on-you amalgam of Americana rock, surf instrumentals, piano-pop and art-punk a la Television and Yo La Tengo. The unease with which their constituent elements commingle... Read more

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