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A busy week brings Bryan Cranston, Brand New, Widespread Panic and Tegan and Sara through town. Read more

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The first thing I ever reviewed for print was a 2002 French film called Irreversible. It's a cleverly brutal film in which the scenes play out in reverse order. Pinter's Betrayal recently opened with Windfall Theatre. Written in the late '70s, it .. Read more


“The thing about revisiting cities: People ask what your favorite city is and what you're looking forward... Read more

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Brooklyn singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten built on the achy, sparsely adorned folk sound of her 2009 album Because I Was in Love on last year's follow-up, Epic, a short but near-perfect record Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

When Brooklyn songwriter Sharon Van Etten last played Milwaukee a year ago she was greeted by a modest audience at the Cactus Club, but she'll be playing for a much larger audience when she returns this April. She'll be headlining a free show at t.. Read more

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Diminutive Sharon Van Etten reaches for a big, expansive voice with Epic. Her sophomore effort comes on like the lilting soundtrack to a breakup phone call: Powerful, almost angrily strummed chords set the stage as full-on country-folk inst... Read more

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What a fantastic year. In 2010, indie-rock regained its fight, rappers indulged their ambitions, R&B singers fired on all cylinders and songwriters of all genres let it all hang out. Below are my 10 favorites of the year, followed by 10 excellent .. Read more

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“Istarted playing open mics when I went to college, but then I took a break,” Because I Was In Love ,Music Feature Read more

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Tomorrow I'll post my best of the year list, and then this blog will spend the rest of the year highlighting some of my favorite, overlooked albums of the decadethe ones that have been mostly ignored by other decade-end recapsbut first I'd like to.. Read more

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Since his early days of DJing the Chicago and San Francisco underground, Mark Farina always aimed to put his own spin on the not-so-mainstream sound he had come to embrace. Turning audiences on to obscure records became the beat he stepped ... Read more

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It must be tough to be Lambs of Abortion, a paranoid Milwaukee band convinced that everyone’s out to get them. Republicans, Fox News, oil executives and Evangelical leaders are at the heart of the worldwide conspiracy that Lambs of Abortion... Read more

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Her "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match against aging former Wimbledon champion Bobby Riggs might have ended three decades ago, but Billie Jean King's fight against sexism continues. She appears tonight as part of the Marcus Center’s woman-t... Read more

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,Holiday Gift Guide-b Read more

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Ifyou’re not from Waukesha, you’ll want to check MapQuest for directions,but it’s worth the ride. The Rochester Deli (143 E. Broadway,262-522-9611), wedged within the labyrinth of do,Dining Out Read more

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Even after his death in 2003, Cash remains a strong influence on artists in a variety of g All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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This one should be memorable: Muzzle of Bees and WMSE are bringing burgeoning Brooklyn songwriter Sharon Van Etten to the Cactus Club on Wednesday, Jan. 20. She'll be coming off of a landmark year that saw her sing on The Antlers' sleeper critical.. Read more

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This blog will probably be dark for much of Thanksgiving weekend, but before I take some time off, let me leave you with a grab bag of music videos I’ve been enjoying lately. The Veils – “The Letter” The Veils singer Finn Andrews gives one.. Read more

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