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With Milwaukee’s The Grovelers filling in on opening duties on short notice, outlaw country heir Shooter Jennings shared some fetching new tunes at Shank Hall. Read more

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Milwaukee sludge greats Soup Moat and jazz-fusionist K-Stamp release new albums, while country outlaw Shooter Jennings returns to the city. Read more

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I can’t stress enough that I respect the Off the Wall Theatre. That it’s managed to maintain for all these years in a tiny little space in the shadow of some of the largest, most historic theatrical venues in the city is impressive enough. The fa.. Read more


This CD/DVD set and Blu-ray disc live concert is a moving testament to the great American life of Johnny Cash. Cash embodied integrity, suffering, perseverance, redemption, hard-won truth and generosity of spirit, especially for the downtro... Read more

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Even though he's only in his late 40s, Ike Reilly speaks like a man strangled by the Great Depression... Read more

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Shooter Jennings shares not only a familial resemblance to his father, Waylon—Shooter even depicted his dad in the movie Walk the Line —but also his father’s love of tightly wound, rock-inflected country, making him one of the Read more

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I recently received the promo images for the upcoming season closer for the Boulevard Theatre. Stations of the Cross is one of those ideas that sounds so simple and promising that it’s kind of surprising that no one thought of it before. Opening A.. Read more


At 71, the singer, guitarist and fiddler Charlie Daniels still has what it takes to get t Club Soda No Ice, Vol. 2. ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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