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Rachel: If you could describe your ensemble or overall personal style in three words, what would they be?Gregg: Comfortable, current and crazy! R: Where do you draw inspiration for your wardrobe?G: I scout out underground designers, usua.. Read more

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The differences between men and women are funny. I know this. Although, after a class in the psychology of men and women in the mid 1990s, I also know that the only real difference is physical and biological. Everything else is a product of social.. Read more



Ray's Wine and Spirits, Wauwatosa

Buying beer can be as easy as stopping at a convenience store or your local grocery shop. But if you have a discerning palate and an adventurous taste for beer, you are likely looking to take the time to find a shop that... Read more


The days are getting shorter. Cooler temperatures are sneaking in. School has started. Colors are changing. Halloween costumes are being considered. As much as some of us try to deny it, this can only mean... Read more


As a pretty blonde with a tonally pure, lung-buster of a voice and built-in following as a winner of “American Idol,” it was almost a foregone conclusion that Carrie Underwood would succeed in any style of music. She chose Read more

Today in Milwaukee

If you're sick of the cookie-cutter fashion styles found in Milwaukee's shopping centers, there are alternatives. Although several fashion boutiques have succumbed to the falling economy, a number of survivors rema... Read more

Happening Now

Thestrongest coffee in town is one reason for stopping at Chez Jacques(1022 S. First Another is the wonderful croissants, fl,Dining Out Read more

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