There's a faction of bloggers, columnists and radio hosts who seem to relish every instance of violence in Milwaukee, cherishing the opportunity to cite them as proof of the inherent moral bankruptcy of the inner city, the need for concealed carry.. more

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No Wisconsin players were drafted in the first two rounds, but that changed quickly on day two as three Badgers were were picked within a few minutes of each other. Looks like third round was a charm for the Badgers. The Oakland Raiders picked def.. more

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Can't Possibly Be True Thoughit has been on the national cable channel G4 s Washington Post ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird more

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In the U.S. footage from Haile Selassie�s coronation as Emperor of Ethiopia (1930), captured by Hearst Movietone cameras and shown in movie theaters, was seen as a curiosity. In Jamaica, it was accepted as a revelation. The sight of a regal black.. more

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Chisholm is the first new district attorney to be elected in Milwaukee County since 1968. Whales Hover(ed) ,Taking Liberties more

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