Winter is right around the corner, and that means Warren Miller Entertainment is kicking things off with an installment of its annual ski and snowboard film and tour. more


To close the loop on eco-friendly skiing, let’s look at clothing. Large quantities of pesticides are used to grow cotton for clothing. Colored fabrics require toxic dyes. Chlorine and formaldehyde are found in wool. Polyester is produced with petr.. more

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With fresh snowfall in 49 states, I figured it would be apropos to do a piece on ski resortsnot to mention that I just returned from a ski trip.  I was in Deer Valley and Park City, both known for their commitment to the environment, which got me .. more

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Milwaukee power-pop bands of all shapes, sizes and affiliations take the stage at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn this week during the city’s second-annual, four-day International Pop Overthrow festival, which continues tonight with sets from some... more

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Over the course of two weeks this April, Marquette University presented its free Alternati Fool for Love ,Theater more


Austin native Wayne “The Train” Hancock, a favorite in alt-country circles, prefers his brand of honky tonk, rockabilly and big band to be labeled as “”juke joint swing,” which as good a name as any for it, though he’s more

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