Itsounds like a very depressing drama. A guy finds his baby daughter deathly ill.So he withdraws from friends and family. His daughter dies so he slips intoalcoholism. Then there’s the auto accident. Actually, however, it’s an upliftingdrama c.. more


<p> The world runs on electricity at least as much as on petroleum, and in the U.S., half of the electric power comes from coal-burning plants. The verdant hills of Appalachia, the source for much of our coal, is being turned into the dark side .. more

I Hate Hollywood

Hailing from New Orleans, a city known for its lively club and bar scene, The Blue Party sought to break from the norm and thus pursued a different route: the house party. A typical Blue Party performance consists of the six-member group more

Today in Milwaukee

Whenmotorist Timothy Pereira, 19, rammed Christine Speliotis' car head-onin Salem, Mass. Copyright ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird more

News of the Weird