Slow Walker


Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz

In a big week for local music, the Milwaukee bands Slow Walker and Calliope release excellent new albums, and peers honor the late Peder Hedman. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

One of the Midwest jazz scene’s great innovators returns to Milwaukee with his latest ensemble. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

After three years of ups, down and changes, Milwaukee rockers Whips reconvened for their vital sophomore album, The Ride. Read more

Music Feature

From iconoclastic hip-hop to open-hearted rock ’n’ roll, Milwaukee delivered this year. Read more

Music Feature


Photo credit: Justin Harris

Grunge Lords should be the album that cements Slow Walker as one of Milwaukee’s marquee underground rock bands. But it probably won’t. Read more

Local Music


Slow Walker / Via Facebook

Two high-energy rock bands and a Fresh Cut-affiliated rapper contributed to the Arte Para Todos festival’s inspired lineup. Read more

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