On June 22-23, The Bloody Mary Festival brings together Wisconsin’s best Bloody Marys to the Fiserv Forum plaza for the summer brunch-time party of the year. Read more


Eat your way through our third-annual event celebrating one of America’s greatest inventions. Read more

Dining Out


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The recently opened Sobelman’s in Mequon (10352 N. Port Washington Road) offers 15 unique mouthwatering Black Angus burgers (try The Hangover) and eight wildly garnished, delicious bloody marys featuring Jimmy Luv’s bloody mix. Read more

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July and August have been busy months on the MKE restaurantand bar front. Here is some of the latest dining and drinking news.Ian's Pizzahas closed their North Ave. location in order to expand and remodel the space.Once reopened, they hope to.. Read more

Brew City Booze

Let’s hope we live long enough to visit all the places described in 100 Things to Do in Milwaukee Before You Die Read more


Looking for some Halloween fun? Love a good story and a goodscare? Then treat yourself and the family with a trip to Old World Wisconsin,located in the Milwaukee/Chicago/Madison triangle in Eagle, Wis., for its HalloweenLegends and Lore event. .. Read more

Happening Now

 A little while back, I had the pleasure of seeing a series of shorts by Fly Steffens under the title Love is a Horse with a Broken Leg Trying to Stand While 45,000 People Watch. It drew pretty heavy inspiration from the works of Charles Bukowsk.. Read more


Local playwrights Amy Schwaab and Nancy Bicha-Dale have developed a clever premise that sounds interesting:  Two playwrights run into conflict with each other as they work with their instructor as they work on a script featuring classic characters.. Read more


Lee Blessing's Independence was originally staged in 1983. The play concerns the lives of a few women in small-town America. Blessing chose Iowa, but this could be anywhere. It's been described as a tidy, little drama. There's a mother and three g.. Read more


 The longest-running recurring show in Milwaukee, The Rep's annual production of A Christmas Carol has been through countless Tiny Tims and Martha Cratchits over the years. Search for child actors to fill the show'™s roles is a constant process.. Read more


When it comes to playing mentally imbalanced characters, from a moody Hamlet to Macbeth to a semi-punk Mack the Knife, local actor Jeremy Welter is capable of conjuring a slick, appealing level of creepiness for his stage appearances. This ... Read more


This weekend, the Travel Channel will be in Milwaukee filming an episode of “Food Wars,” a weekly cable television program that focuses on the country’s most renowned restaurant rivalries and the iconic dishes that make them famous.In Read more

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Sobelman’s Pub &Grill 1900 W. St. Paul Ave. 414-931-1919 Sobelman’s TallgrassGrill 1952 N. Farwell Ave. 414-273-4727 ,Best of Milwaukee 2009 Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2009

Thename Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill (1952 N. Farwell Ave.) will ring a bellwith anyone who loves a good hamburger. In the ’90s, Dave Sobelmantransformed his namesake bar at the rim of the M,Dining Out Read more

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The name will already be familiar to anyone who loves a good hamburger. Dave Sobelman transformed his namesake bar at the rim of the Menomonee River Valley (1900 W. St. Paul) into a destination point on strength of his burgers. The ones s... Read more

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Winners in the Best Serbian Restaurant category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2008